Keeping your website secure

There are lots of online references available to help secure your site but many of them will try to sell you a 'security scan' or other services and most have some axe to grind regarding a particular product or issue.

Here are four rules you can follow to help keep your site secure.

  1. Use strong passwords (ideally at least 8 random letters and numbers).
  2. Never access your site from an unsecured Windows PC. Many viruses are written to steal your passwords for the purpose of accessing websites.
  3. Ensure that your site software on the server is kept up to date. The vast majority of software updates are fixes for known security issues and most hacks would not happen if people's websites were up to date.
  4. Make sure that you have a site backup policy and that you know how to restore your site from a backup. That way you or your Webmaster can quickly restore your site if you suspect a problem.

There is plenty more that can be done but it will depend upon what kind of site you are running and what kind of hosting service you are running it on. Following the above rules will ensure that you can recover easily if you are ever unfortunate enough to have your site hacked.


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